Melbourne Santa Claus for Home Christmas Parties

Melbourne Santa Claus for Home Christmas Parties

SANTA MELBOURNE / Santa Neil likes to visit you at your home with your family and friends, or in retail stores, community events and company parties. Santa Neil will meet you on holidays in 2022  he spent time at Mt Buller for Christmas in July Celebrations and then decided to “Test Drive Camels in Broome on Cable Beach in October.

There are so many ways for Santa to visit you, in person or as shown earlier in a virtual format method.

Santa Melbourne focuses on Melbourne Bayside suburbs with visits in Black Rock, Beaumaris, Brighton, Cheltenham, Hampton, Highett, Mentone, Parkdale , Sandringham and surrounding bayside suburbs.

Santa Melbourne enjoys large and small groups in your home, business or a retail business.

The private in person meetings with Santa (with a little bit of help from “Mum & Dad or Grandpa and Grandma) with some inside information on your child / family will be a meeting that you and your child / family will never forget.

It will be a Personal Visit with Santa Claus that all attending will never forget.

Santa likes being a “Roaming Santa” in your restaurant, bar or party that provides numerous “one on one” meetings that your family customers will have time to discuss with Santa their wish for the coming year plus allow for individual photograph opportunities plus go course a “Group Photograph” to treasure forever.

Santa likes to help with the launch of Christmas at your Business, Local Traders and Community Event Functions.

It may be that Santa Melbourne launch your Christmas by reading “It was the Night before Christmas” hand out presents or even sing Jingle Bells (with everyones help) you can be sure you will “Believe” and the “Spirit of Christmas” will be strong and growing and become one of your Christmas Traditions.

Santa enjoys spending time with “special needs” meeting at your home maybe the best way for your child (or special person) to meet Santa and spend time without all of the bright lights and without outside pressures of time.After his Grand Entrance Santa can hear the children’s Christmas wishes and perhaps tell a story or read ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas or another holiday book.  By the way, Santa loves to answer questions about the North Pole.

Santa can at your home:

  • introduce a new pet to the family,
  • tell the whole family about an exciting holiday they are all going on
  • hand over keys to the new car that is parked in the driveway
  • get caught eating cookies or putting presents under the tree on Christmas Eve. That way your child or grandchild can have video proof of meeting Santa
  • take a nap on your couch on Christmas Morning (before 7.30am)
  • be caught commencing his holidays ”unexpectedly” at the beach (next to your house)
  • Santa just wants to make your Christmas the best ever so please have a chat to Santasbaysidehelper to arrange.

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Santa Neil since 2022 is a Real Bearded  Santa Claus for hire serving Australia: Melbourne, Brighton, Black Rock. Beaumaris, Bentleigh, Cheltenham, Hampton, Highett, Mentone, Parkdale and all surrounding areas.