Santa Visit

Santa Visit

Tips for an Extraordinary Visit from Santa Claus

Before the Event

Set Up – Santa’s outfit is very warm. Please do not set Santa’s chair in front of a fireplace or other hot area. Consider having a fan on in the area where Santa will be placed.

Set Up – Santa will need a sturdy chair without arms. A straight-backed dining chair will work fine. Leave a bit of room behind the chair for family photos if possible.

Set Up – 

Please have a parking spot available for Santa. It should be nearby but not in view of the guests.

A couple of rubbish bins placed in a parking spot is usually enough.

The Event

During the Event – Santa’s Grand Entrance – It is always special for Santa Claus to make a grand entrance. Plan for your guests to arrive before Santa. Santa will contact you 5-10 minutes prior to his arrival. Be prepared for your guests to all gather around and take photos of the grand entrance.

During the Event – Taking Photographs – Just about everyone will be taking their own photos with a cell phone even if you are providing a photographer.

During the Event – If Santa will be seated for photos try to avoid “back lit”  background areas for your pictures such as a window (during the day) or a plain white wall these backgrounds are so bright they will result in Santa’s face and his visitors face to be darkened or in a shadow. A Christmas Tree always makes for a pretty background.

During the Event – If Santa will be passing out gifts be sure that they have labels that are easy to read. Santa will have his glasses on but they may not be his “reading glasses” Santa REALLY appreciates a helper that can call out the names! All of the gifts should be able to fit into a sack and be easily carried by Santa. If there are more presents than bag, Santa may be able to provide an additional bag for a helper to carry.

During the Event – Please no smoking – Santa quit smoking his pipe many years ago also Santa does not understand “Vaping” and would prefer to not be around smoke as it makes his suit smell which does not make Mrs Claus Happy. So Santa does not want to be on Mrs Claus’ “Naughty List”

End of the Event – If there is a payment is due please place it inside of a Christmas card or an envelope labeled “For Santa” and hand it to Santa at the end of his visit stating “This is something that we would like you to have.”

Tips for Large Family, Business Parties and Special Events:

Depending on how long the visit is, Santa might need a couple of breaks. Probably 10 minutes. Please predetermine a quiet place where Santa can change out of his heavy coat, possibly some cool water and a restroom away from the public.

Have a helper, someone assigned to control the line and crowd.

It is really appreciated if Santa’s helper would check the children’s hands and faces for sticky or messy areas. Please provide some wipes to help with this task.

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